Begloo igloo da campeggio

Health utility, the TRIAGE

Versatile products to be used in emergency conditions.

Sanitary tents inside which a medical space can be organized

Also useful for the creation of isolated spaces, temporary accommodation and storage of goods.

To cope with the covid 19 emergency, Begloo dome camping tents have increased their production by also introducing triage tents for first aid.

Begloo dome camping tents can therefore be used as a real medical space. How do these curtains work? All patients who go to any hospital must pass through this filter tent or pre triage tent. In the first aid tent each person is measured their body temperature and lung saturation using the oximeter. After this first phase, nurses must ask each patient questions (where they reside, what contacts they had in the days prior to the visit and if they think they had any contacts at risk). After this brief interview, depending on the outcome, each patient has two alternatives:

• in the first case he is admitted to the classic emergency room;

• if they present the symptoms of covid 19 or even just a suspicion, they are taken from the triage tent, through a protected transport, to the area of the hospital reserved for health emergencies.

Furthermore, first aid tents can also be used for other uses. For example to create: isolated spaces, temporary accommodation and storage of goods. Triage tents are therefore versatile products. These tents, in fact, can be converted for sanitary use and can be used for the various contexts that this emergency requires. First aid tents, like all of our tents, have everything you need inside them to create an environment as needed.

To assemble the triage tents it is first of all necessary to check the space, external and internal, as to assemble all the elements that will have to interact with the structure of the first aid tents, even the smallest details must be taken into account. The 'medical furniture, perimeter action,' affected area are all factors that must be taken into consideration. Once you have chosen the perimeter within which to mount these sanitary tents and furnished for the chosen functionality, the area will be as efficient as a real hospital ward.    Tende realizzate con materiali di ottima resa e all’avanguardia.

‍    Towels and materials are of high quality.

‍    They guarantee shelter from any atmospheric phenomenon.

But what are the materials with which this type of curtains are made? The sheets and technical materials used to build these environments outside the hospitals are of high quality. For the construction of first aid tents, tents are used that can accommodate everything needed for first aid. For this reason, the triage tents are very large, since they have to accommodate:

• medical staff;

• machinery;

•    the patients.

First aid tents, in fact, guarantee the shelter of things and people from any type of atmospheric phenomenon: they resist wind, snow and other forms of natural stress. To comply with this type of functionality, the material used to build the triage tents is of excellent performance and avant-garde.

Triage tents, designed for preliminary patient screening, must therefore be placed directly in front of hospitals in order to perform this delicate function. In this way, preventive visits can be carried out. All this takes place in total safety inside the first aid tents, as this way a real filter is placed that allows you to identify patients who show symptoms compatible with Covid 19 and direct them to the departments set up for the purpose. On the other hand, those with other types of symptoms will be referred to the first aid department. Using this form of pre-triage avoids the entry of infected people into the hospital, without any type of control.

‍   What are the advantages of Begloo dome triage tents?

‍    Functional curtains, safe and ready for immediate use.

‍    Useful tool for emergency situations.

The Begloo dome camping tents used for the ongoing health emergency are functional, safe and ready to use immediately. These characteristics are fundamental for the covid 19 crisis that is affecting our country. Furthermore:

• the side walls are designed so that there is 360 ° protection, both for medical staff and patients and for the machinery placed inside the structure. The triage tents are equipped with doors, windows, portholes and are insulated from. The tato system allows you to create one in the environment, thus eliminating the "greenhouse effect" phenomenon. This peculiarity is fundamental for this situation, as being a health emergency the rooms must be constantly ventilated, ventilated and sanitized. The versatility of first aid tents is due to these peculiarities;

• inside the triage tents, to ensure a constant and balanced temperature, it is possible to mount an additional tent inside. In this way both patients and operators who work with exhausted shifts will be in a comfortable place;

• the sturdy PVC material allows the first aid tents to be used as a decontamination chamber as no liquid is absorbed. Using the non-slip and washable PVC floor, you can create a closed unit inside the tent itself. This is for prevention purposes so as not to spread the virus within the same triage set up outside the hospital.

Furthermore, the triage tents are waterproof and fireproof. For all these characteristics, this type of tents can be used for long periods in front of hospitals, as in this case of emergency. Thanks to the minimum overall dimensions, the reduced weight and the speed with which they can be assembled, first aid tents can also be used as folding gazebos: another indispensable tool for the critical situations we are experiencing in this historical moment.

‍   Spacious and sturdy tents that allow you to work safely.

‍    Easy to transport and assemble anywhere.

‍    Our package also includes accessories suitable for emergencies.

Triage tents are, therefore, spacious, sturdy and versatile tents that can be assembled in a very short time depending on the need and requirement. Being able to set up these tents in a short time is a huge advantage, as time is very important in situations like this. Ours is a multifaceted product, of excellent manufacture that lends itself to being used even in this moment of health emergency. It was designed and built with light materials, as we wanted to create a tent that is easy to transport and to set up anywhere. We also took care to produce it in such a way that there was no problem of sudden changes in weather conditions. All these features give our camping tents, which vary in their use, high functionality. In addition, together with the first aid tents, we can also provide accessories suitable for emergencies (folding chairs and tables, PVC covers and plastic floors), which can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

The triage tents, like all our camping tents, are made with an innovative design that allows our product to be used in any situation. This is thanks to the economic results obtained from our research. First aid tents are available, which can be chosen according to,. products, which are unique, can make them based on their use. The quality / price ratio of our triage tents is also optimal. It may vary according to the type of set-up chosen and the accessories required. Even in this moment of emergency, our qualified staff will be able to provide you with professional advice, indicating all the information necessary for your purchase by offering you personalized quotes.