Begloo igloo da campeggio

Igloo tents, detic dome, rigid structure, diameter from 4 to 50 meters for glamping, luxury campsites, residences, private gardens and events

Custom projects

Patented "anti greenhouse” system for heat dissipation.

High resistance to wind, snow and stress.

Multiple solutions of Begloo dome luxury camping tents.

Begloo dome camping tents are very comfortable luxury camping tents: they are real environments with corners for relaxation, refreshment and, for the sleeping area, with the characteristic transparent sheets, every evening can be lived in the name of the magic of a starry sky.

Comfortable camping tents with a sophisticated design.

Various solutions of these types of camping tents are available. It is a product with an elegant and innovative design, which can be customized according to one's aesthetic taste. On the market it is possible to find them of different sizes and lengths, to meet every type of requirement and need from customers.

Affordable luxury camping tents

The customer can choose luxury camping tents at the most favorable price, which perfectly respect the quality / price combination. The curtains can be assembled easily, thanks to the clear instructions inside the package. It is advisable to use the guidance of qualified personnel for a perfect and trouble-free assembly. The indications of expert personnel are a valid help to follow the right operations for the assembly of the goods. In this way you will avoid any kind of problem that could arise. The help of qualified personnel will allow you to save on any repair costs.

Camping tents designed to have all the comforts present in your home.

These types of camping tents allow you to have all the comforts of your home. Comfort combined with the possibility of traveling allows you to experience enchanting moments in the open air, enjoying suggestive views. Their structure was designed and built to create corners of paradise, which can be adapted to any situation and any event that you want to organize in nature. Begloo dome with its luxury tents marries the opportunity to stay in contact with the environment with the comforts that can be found in a gazebo or in a mobile home. Not only that, there are models that can also be adapted to closed environments.

Luxury camping tents: structure and construction materials.

From a structural point of view, the extra-luxury camping tents are composed of highly qualified technical fabrics and materials, in order to counteract any type of atmospheric phenomenon. This campsite, however, which offers all the comforts of a hotel, has in fact been designed to have camping tents with a high resistance to wind, snow and stresses of various kinds. The material used for their construction is, therefore, state-of-the-art and of excellent yield.

Camping tents: luxury for your moments of relaxation or for your commercial events.

Various types of camping tents have been designed on the market. This choice was made to satisfy the multiple uses for which they can be used, which are very different from each other. The purposes for which the customer decides to consider the idea of buying camping tents, which can vary according to needs and requirements, should also be taken into consideration. You can find types of camping tents, for example, for the family. Excellent solution to leave for a holiday and enjoy days of rest surrounded by nature, away from the frenzy of everyday life and work. Types of luxury camping tents have also been devised for purely commercial purposes, such as events that are designed to be held outdoors such as trade shows, catering and more. Even in these contexts, a paradisiacal atmosphere is recreated, which accompanies the work event away from sources of stress typical of the city.

‍ Begloo Greenhouse tent, the ideal place to cultivate your hobby

‍ Different models and different sizes are available, you can customize it according to your tastes

Among the many products of Begloo camping tents there is a transparent greenhouse tent. What are the characteristics of this type of tent? It is designed to accommodate plants and flowers. An ideal place to pursue your hobby, sheltered from bad weather in both summer and winter.

Depending on your needs and requirements, you can buy the transparent greenhouse tent that's right for you. We have them in different sizes and lengths.

The transparent greenhouse tent has the shape of a panoramic igloo, which allows for great visibility and hospitality. It recalls the Eskimo igloos, from which it takes the rounded shape, reminiscent of a hemisphere. This type of Begloo dome camping tents also have a supporting structure made up of steel tubes and a heavy transparent PVC sheet. Once the skeleton of the curtain has been made, the covering sheet is fixed.

Once you have created your environment, you can give free rein to your imagination and decide how to furnish it. You can use one or more sheets to create different settings, depending on the crops you want to plant. It has never been easier to live your passion by installing a Begloo geodesic tent in your garden!

The accessories of Begloo dome camping tents are varied. We invite you to view them and choose the ideal solution for you and your transparent greenhouse tent.