Begloo igloo da campeggio


Glamping and Camping: commonalities and diversity.

In the world of accommodation we find glamping tents and luxury camping tents. Glamping and camping have very similar points, but they are substantially very different and also cater to tourists with different interests. Glamping, as a new type of accommodation halfway between green and luxury, derives from the fusion of glamor and camping.

Camping: accommodation and accommodation accessible to all.

Luxury camping tents are used to lodge and sleep in the midst of nature, the type of tent is not essential. We can, in fact, find curtains that have basic characteristics and others that have more complete and technical characteristics. The common denominator of these tents is that in the campsite each person brings their own tent, sets it up and shares the services and spaces with other people. It is a form of accommodation and overnight stay accessible to all, the cost per night is very low and for this reason it is much loved by young people who decide to travel in Europe and abroad and by families who love contact with nature.

Design and original uniqueness: peculiarities of glamping tents

Glamping, on the other hand, usually has tents already set up, furnished with designer furniture and often unique pieces made by artisans. They are spacious and have all the comforts of a hotel room: beds, sheets, wardrobes, mirrors and often even a private bathroom. It is possible to use them all year round, as this type of tent also has internal heating. The glamping tents are located within spectacular natural settings: they are chic, comfortable and surrounded by wild nature. A perfect mix to spend a dream vacation, enjoying the comforts we are used to combined with the spectacle that nature can create.

Igloo tents: structure of glamping tents and luxury camping tents

Glamping tents and luxury camping tents are igloo tents, a panoramic igloo of great visibility and hospitality. Igloo tents are so named for their shape, in fact they are rounded and resemble a hemisphere just like that of the Eskimo igloos. They have a square shaped base, they are light and compact curtains when taken apart. The supporting structure of these tents is made up of two flexible tubes in aluminum or in special resins. An internal sheet is fixed to these tubes, then the tubes are folded into a U and fixed to the corners of the base. Another sheet is then spread over the structure which, once assembled, makes the awning self-supporting. The tie rods give the tent greater stability, especially in windy conditions.

Begloo dome: modern and versatile glamping tents

Begloo dome, is the most modern and versatile solution for creating glamping immersed in nature, with its large transparent domed front it is possible to remain in visual contact with the surrounding environment. The "full crystal" version lends itself well both to total immersion in the surrounding environment and to commercial initiatives of impromptu presentation. Begloo dome customizes them according to the needs and requirements of the customer, in order to give a character of uniqueness and design.

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