Begloo igloo da campeggio


The accessories of the Begloo dome luxury camping tents are varied. In this article you will find the most important ones.

The doors, made with a transparent or satin sheet, are available in different colors. It is possible to personalize them with engraved decorations, apply decorations in molten glass or create sandblasted. The use of aluminum gives it greater resistance, offering better thermal insulation. In the realization of these components, the design, the material, the decoration, the structure and the hardware are taken care of to make them unique in their kind. Depending on the shape and size, the following can be installed in the Begloo dome luxury camping tents:

• the single glass door in aluminum, rectangular in shape;

• a double glass door in aluminum, in a square shape, designed for large dome tents.

It is also possible to mount a steel door with a PVC door and hinge, made in a round shape, in the Begloo dome luxury camping tents. Steel is also a resistant material, which has good thermal conductivity.

As for the interior linings, these are made with quilted polyester lining. They can be used to create essential furnishing elements inside the tent and to create a unique visual atmosphere. They adapt to a surface area of 6.4 m for a dome tent with a diameter of 64 m². A tent with double curtain rails can be used in the interiors of the Begloo dome luxury camping tents. With this accessory, equipped with a double rod, it is possible to use a double curtain. There will be a subtend on the back stick and an over curtain on the front stick. Through this mechanism it is possible to move them laterally independently.

Windows also play a key role in Begloo dome luxury camping tents. In fact, they have the task of maintaining an internal microclimate suitable for the housing needs of one or more people. Windows are elements that protect against bad weather, noise and cold. You can choose between:

• Screen window;

• Glass window;

• Star window.

Another important accessory is the solar fan, which must be placed in one place of the camping tent. What is it for? Its use allows you to extract the hot air present inside the tent itself and push it outside. In this way the air is free to circulate inside the tent, transforming every place into a more comfortable area.

The fixed plate for the flue cannot be missing. This serves to direct the fumes produced by the combustion of different fuels or materials towards the outside, due to the so-called "draft". The plate allows for perfect combustion, in this way there is no creation of smoke and more heat is generated.